Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready to Play

Thanks for playing! Nexus will be offline for now, check back soon for updates

Accounts are back! The previous accounts and stats have been preserved, so if you already had an account you can log into it once again.

Nexus is back online for you guys to play. Once again user accounts are disabled for now, but you can still play as guests. Make sure you try out survival mode, which doesn't require you to bring a friend in order to play.

I'll keep an eye on the server to make sure everything is running smoothly. As always, keep letting me know what you think.

Play Nexus


  1. Can't wait to try it out with some friends.

    I had a question though, as I'm working on my own wormhole clone with my own additions: How many of the enemies are in the original Wormhole game and which are of your own design? My memory is fuzzy as Wormhole was so long ago, but not all of the enemies in this look familiar (like the snake)

    1. Nexus is inspired by Centerfleet's Wormhole but is it's own game and is not a remake. The main gameplay mechanics are similar to Wormhole, but nearly all the enemies/powerups are different.

      If you are looking for a list of Wormhole's powerups then here is a screenshot of Centerfleet's website before it was taken down:

    2. Thanks for the link! Definitely a good refresh for my memory. I really like some of the new enemies / the changes you've done, they're varied and interesting to have to fight. I'm definitely going my own route with my own enemies/some other mechanics, but there were a couple from the original game I wanted to keep like the inflators.

  2. I am a huge Wormhole fan. Just found your facebook and project, and just had 3 other friends get on and play a 4 person FFA. None of them knew anything about Wormhole and this was their first taste. They had a blast, and so did I. Hopefully I can convince them to keep coming back. Nice work, I'm still convinced the concepts that were behind Wormhole could work amazingly well. Thanks for the fun!

  3. What happened to this project?

  4. I found something similar on Steam recently, but it's on Greenlight: