Monday, June 18, 2012

The Snake Powerup

I have been working on a new powerup attack that acts a bit differently than the other attacks. The snake is an enemy that moves through the field causing damage when touching the player. The important part of the snake is the head, the rest of the body moves in the same path the head takes.

Attacks against the snake's body have no effect. In order to kill a snake, you must shoot it in the head. Each shot will remove a segment of its body until it is only a head. Shooting the remaining head will finish it.

What makes the snake unique is its ability to absorb unclaimed powerups to make it stronger. Whenever the head makes contact with a free powerup, not only does it prevent the player from using it, but it gains an additional segment in its body. This gives it more health and makes it more dangerous.

Take these enemies out as quickly as you can to prevent them from stealing your powerups.

I have also added a new wallpaper in the downloads section:

Stay tuned for the next online testing session...

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